Friends of St Brigid’s Crossley

The historic St Brigid’s Church precinct is located in Crossley, south-west Victoria (Australia), mid-way between Port Fairy and Warrnambool. The five-acre precinct incorporates an architecturally designed Romanesque Church – which dates to 1914 – and community hall. It was also home to the Crossley school.

The strong Irish community welcomed and supported the construction of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church’s decision to sell off the precinct in 2008 was met with community uproar.

What ensued was a strong, active, united and hard-fought community campaign that led to the community’s purchase of the precinct in 2010.

The community-owned precinct is now a community meeting place and plans are currently underway to convert the Church into Australia’s first Irish Cultural Centre.

The St Brigid’s logo you see on this website is a direct replica of one of the Church’s stainglass windows, dating to 1914.