The Crossley Men’s Shed is a new user group providing men in the local area with a place to meet and come together.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to establish and maintain a venue where members can meet, have fun, engage on practical projects   and   to   ensure   that   the   Crossley   Men’s   Shed   develops   into   a   valuable   community   facility
supported by a thriving and active membership.

Our Mission:

  1. To provide a forum and physical location where members can regularly assemble to share skills, make   friends   and   network   with   other   members   with   the   primary   purpose   of   supporting   and
    enhancing their personal well being and health.
  2. To provide a venue for members to regularly meet in a relaxed, happy and creative space and in an environment whereby members can feel useful and contribute to their community.
  3. To draw on the collective knowledge and skills of the membership in order to support community-based projects.

Our Values:

The Crossley Men’s Shed is committed to providing members with an opportunity to interact in a high standard, safe and social environment where all members are treated equally and encouraged to assist others and enhance the life skills and craftsmanship of all participants.

Participation and Membership:

The Crossley Men’s Shed will encourage participation by all persons in Crossley and surrounding regions who, once accepted by the Committee of Management, will accept and continue to uphold the values espoused above and who regularly involve themselves in shed activities. Although membership is primarily targeted toward the senior men in the community, the participation of younger men and women in Shed activities will also be accommodated.